Multi-carr offers a comprehensive array of waterproofing services to homeowners, corporate organizations and building contractors amongst others.

Our offerings range from application of torch, liquid and cementitious applied waterproofing brands to the widest range of construction buildings.

Our deep industry knowledge allows us to provide our clients with dependable, cost effective, cutting edge and innovative waterproofing systems that easily accommodate complex details leaving a seamless waterproof membrane to suit their both new build and remedial construction projects.

We offers advanced waterproofing solutions to rooftops, foundation internal and external walls, basements, swimming pools, waterways, parapet walls, planters, bathrooms and toilets, terraces, pms tank farms, car park decks, helipads, stadiums, industrial steel and zinc roofs, pipelines, fountains, roadways, tunnels, bridges, underground vaults, underground car parks, underground storage and septic tanks.

Our extensive list of waterproofing professional services includes;

  • Concrete waterproofing and strengthening.
  • Concrete repair, restoration and protection.
  • Concrete road curing with chemicals.
  • Concrete durability enhancement with integral concrete admixtures.
  • Strengthening of piers, girders and bridges repair.
  • Grouting of expansion joints and bridge bearings.
  • Cracks repair in pavement and concrete.
  • Protective coating for concrete, steel and zinc.
  • Irregular and unconventional joints repair.
  • Repair of capillary actions, acid attacks on walls, paint peelings and damp rising.

Multi-carr Nig Ltd

Your specifications is our priority, but we have made quality our top priority as we use the very best products in latest technology to deliver top-flight services that is unsurpassed in construction field, quality is the cornerstone of all our activities.


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